Static site generation frameworks

My homepage at, started out as a single page portfolio, but since then has grown into multiple pages. It’s coded in simple static HTML, CSS, JS and with no moving parts.  A full blown content management system seems overkill in my case and also ‘cos I'm running it on App Engine. So i was looking for frameworks that would let me exploit the benefits of a full blown templating engine, but spit out a static site. I came across quite a few, which are listed below. I’ll be exploring the Python ones a little bit more to see if they fit my need. Somehow i feel the itch to make my own, though.



Hyde -

Sleepy-django -

Stango -

Blatter -



Jekyll -

Templette -

StaticMatic -

Nanoc -

Webby -


If you know of any more, even for other languages let me know in the comments. I’ll update this list further.