LinkStash - 12 Oct '09

I cleared out my Google Reader unread count after months. I’m not sure about the actual numbers but my guess is there were more than 10,000 items there.

I was listening to cover songs on and these are some of the ones i loved recently.


Nature Lover by Philippe Sainte-Laudy

LinkStash – 22 Mar’ 2009

Microsofts Vision for 2019 [vid]

Music that makes you dumb [pic] – Music choices versus SAT scores…. and some interesting finds. Now where did I put my Ninth Symphony Mp3.


Don't worry about people stealing your ideas. If your ideas are any good, you'll have to ram them down people's throats.

-Howard Aiken


Chrome experiment – Brilliant use of scripts.

 SXSW 2009 Music    -  6gb of SXSW music in 3 torrents!!! – For you music and bittorent fixation.

BLH's tour of Chernobyl – What Chernobyl looks like after 23 years.

LinkStash – 24 Feb’ 2009

Mindfuck movies – Here are some good recommendations from The Morning news for the coming weekend.

Really? Slumdog-Millionaire? – My thoughts exactly.


Charles M. Schulz - "All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt."


In the subway by Kaj Bjurman


The most awesome pencil sharpener -



You have misunderstood your place in the food chain. You are google's product. Your PC is a crucial part of the delivery mechanism by which you are made available to google's customers.

- by keithb


StreamDrag – Stream  all your favourite songs from YouTube videos.


No-Tech hacking - An impressive talk by Johnny Long, on how to snipe and gather information.


The new Miro is awesome. It was a huge  memory hog in the past but not anymore. It now features a pretty decent UI, with new features like adding sites that you can browse directly inside. It records a consistent under 50 MB memory usage on mine, which is less than half that of the previous version. It now has separate audio and video feed sections. The in built browser feels more responsive and so does the media player (now you can pop it out into a separate window too).

LinkStash - 08 Oct' 08



“Saying that Java is nice because it works on all OSes is like saying that anal sex is nice because it works on all genders.”  -  Alanna



“Any fool can use a computer.  Many do.”   -  Ted Nelson



Recommended App

  • Miro – Is an internet media application or a podcast receiver like Juice. Nomally i wouldn’t recommend any app that uses as much memory as this one does, but I’m making an exception here. Juice had given me trouble in the past and refused to recognise previously downloaded files and somehow stopped downloading new media from subscribed feeds even when new episodes were available. So I switched to Miro a month back. Its easy to find content to listen to and watch through it now. It recommends new feeds and you can search directories for topics you like. It also keeps track of what episodes you’ve already seen. The killer feature being that if you start playing any video/audio and quit, Miro can automatically remember  the point where you last stopped and continue playing from there. One thing that does bug me is if you play a file and navigate to some other feed, the files stops playing. This starts getting irritating if you’re listening to some MP3 and want to browse some other channel offerings at the same time. But otherwise its a pretty good app for people just starting out on podcasts.





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LinkStash - 31 Mar' 08

  • FlickrStorm - A neat, simple and more effective way to search flickr.


42 / 52: Fear by teddy




  • Rob Paravonian - a comedian/musician shares how much he likes Pachelbel's Canon in D on a cello. Really funny!!





  • Time Machiner - Say hi to the future you, or maybe rant your heart out. Worth a try ;-)


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LinkStash - 13 Mar '08




  •  FlickrVision - Geolocated photos in realtime!! Something similar to TwitterVision


  • Viscosity - Modern art generator. Nice if you a have couple of minutes to kill.



  • Immersive Media - Sucks some bandwidth but definitely worth a watch. Note: Click and drag the mouse on the video screen to pan.



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LinkStash - 10 Mar '08


“”Life is pretty simple: You do some stuff. Most fails. Some works.
You do more of what works. If it works big, others quickly copy it.
Then you do something else. The trick is the doing something else.”
Leonardo da Vinci

  • The feel good initiative - " A source of inspiration music and art." Amazing songs... just perfect for those all-nighters spent hacking away.






A Magic Evening - by Stuck in Customs


63 Eessential Wordpress Hacks - feels like cheating after having shifter to blogger again. Would have stuck to WP if had my own hosting to customize..SIGH


Sexy Clones of Classic Unix Tools - I never heard of some of them.. might be worth a look.


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LinkStash - 01 Mar '08


Shores on the road to Hope - by warzauwynn









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LinkStash - 23 Feb '08




I'm really fascinated by photography these days.


  • Sexy Lips - An amazing colection of photographs on you guessed it, Lips.



Having seen loads of cool videos this past week. Here's some you might enjoy.

  • Paul Hunt - The most manly Gymnast ever, courtesy kontraband.









  • SocWall - Social wallpapering...a cool concept. I get all my wallpapers from here now :-D


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